As we turn 25 years in 2016, the first week of September will be dedicated to the silver jubilee celebrations.  This celebration is for all of us partially or fully involved with the college as our theme states “excellence; yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

From its beginning the College of Medicine has been committed to a standard of excellence.  The first President of independent Malawi, Hastings Kamuzu Banda himself a doctor, would only endorse the creation of a medical school is it was of excellence.  It took 22 years for him to agree to its developments after a recommendation from the Tripartite Commission that reported to him in 1986.

The first 22 Malawian trained doctors qualified with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, (MBBS) from the University of Malawi, in July 1992.


The College of Medicine drew its first inspiration from a remarkable Malawian, Professor John David Chiphangwi.  He had championed the creation of a medical school for Malawi in the face much skepticism over many years.  As an obstetrician he knew that only Malawian doctors and other health professionals could have a significant impact on Malawian communities.  His vision and persistence were rewarded by his appointment as the Medical School Project Coordinator.  He assembled a team of experienced lectures under the first Principal, Professor Geoffrey Dahlenburg.


Over the past 25 years the College has developed into a robust three faculty institution.  It has qualified more than 685 Doctors, Pharmacists, Medical Laboratory Scientists and Technicians and more recently Physiotherapists.  Its curriculum is unique.  It combines the best of the classical methods of training with a modern integrated approach employing a student led problem based methods of teaching.  Research has always been central to the College’s commitment to the health of Malawians.  This is represented in the 4 international affiliates associated with the college.


Reflecting on the original vision of the College “to be a public university to enhance the health of the Malawi nation” and its mission “to be a centre of academic excellence responsive to the health needs of Malawi and its neighbours in the Southern African Region in the training of health professionals, provision of clinical services and research” we remain committed to excellence in all we do.