College of Medicine Today

Today, College of Medicine (CoM) still stands as a symbol of excellence. The College has well learnt from its pioneers from “yesterday” that the path of excellence is the way to go. Most of its alumni have become part of College staff in one way or the other. This is what has induced the excellent spirit in the students. Students are trained to become responsible health workers thus discipline is one major characteristic of the College. Even an ordinary Malawian knows that CoM is synonymous with discipline.


The College has today achieved what was only a dream from yesterday, which was to expand to the Central Region. The College has expanded not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in the number of programs, faculties and functionalities. Today the College produces a larger number of graduates in MBBS, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Public Health than in the past. The alumni of the College continue to shine in every part of the world as first class health workers.


Today as the College cerebrates its 25 years of existence, it is also cerebrating 25 years of excellence. The College has remained a place where everyone wants to be at: it has the longest serving employee in the whole university of Malawi; secondary school students work hard to become part of the College; the College still receives students from sister colleges in the University of Malawi; and its alumni still remains a part of the College through the Alumni Association of College of Medicine.


Through the years, CoM has worked hard to become excellent and today, it has proved beyond doubt that it is an academic center of excellence.